Sunday, April 11, 2010

Azmalock the book series

Azmalock was created with Lien Mya's imagination as she joins with her writer friends into making this wonderful Mythical World Of Azmalock.

Different styles, Different personalities

Joining together as they create the world of Azmalock. Putting themselves into characters as their own and creating many situations that are hard to come by.

Shorts for characters are

Wizen - The werewolf
Selene - The Siren
Gormon - The Elf
Faily - The Fairy

They are the first and also the main characters of this series. And yet more characters to arrive written by other many more writers.

They were all summoned by the Gods to the Island of Azmalock known as The Islands Of The Gods. As they were summoned their abilities and memories were taken away but deep inside it will never fade. The Gods summoned these creatures and many more to join together to prove that all living creatures can live together peacefully. But they prove God wrong in so many ways. As they travel more alliance arrive as some may go. Be prepared for The Magical World Of Azmalock.

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